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Nuclear-Century Square by the Hubei Nuclear Investment Company Limitedbuild, the total amount of million. A total constructione area of 22 square, the commercial area of 12 square, covering shopping malls,supermarkets, cinemas restaurants, entertainment and leisure and other major MALL business center, convention and Exhibition Center, international stundurd five Stars Hctal, luxury rasidantiul park, et…Will become the Caldian District's first largest financial high-grade residential areas and multi-functional business district is one of the carrier class integrated business services and livable city.
本项目共包含15个子系统:Intelligent project in commercial parts contains 15 subsystem:

综合布线系统          Comprehensive wiring system

有线电视系统           Cable TV system 

对讲信号覆盖系统  Intercoms signals coverage system

视频监控系统           Video monitoring system

入侵报警系统           Invasion alarming system

BA楼宇自控系统   BA building Auto-Control System

一卡通系统               One-Card-Through system

电子巡更系统           Electronic petrol system

机房建设系统           Engine room construction system

程控电话系统           Program control telephone system

背景音乐系统           Background music system

室外LED大屏系统  Outdoor LED large screen system

可视对讲门禁系统  Visual intercoms assess control system

多媒体信息发布系统 Multi-media information circulation system

客流量决策分析系统 Guest flow volume decision-making analysis sytem

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